Pergolas & Gazebos

What’s a Pergola?

A pergola is a free-standing structure that can support an open roof of trellis work. Vine and other plants can be trained to climb the structure, creating a beautiful view and a protective canopy for you to enjoy. This is a great option for enjoying your favorite plants native to Omaha or those imported from other regions. 

What’s a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a free-standing structure sometimes shaped as an octagon. They are often built in gardens or on hills to provide a location to enjoy the view. Your gazebo can be screened in to create an area protected from insects, allowing you to enjoy beautiful Nebraska evenings.

How is an Arbor different from a Pergola?

Arbors are smaller than pergolas. They often mark an entryway into a garden or yard. Arbors can be used for vines or climbing plants. Let the Professional Deck Builders of Omaha help you custom design an arbor today!

Professional Deck Builders of Omaha

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